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22 May 2015 – I have residents calling me in the last week, asking why they should register on line for a smart meter when the contract between CoT and PEU has been cancelled. How can the CoT/Smart Meters/TUMS expect a resident to enter into a contract for electricity with a third part when the City itself has cancelled the contract with the said third party?

In order for customers to be able to vend, they need to register. This means that all switched customers do need to register, otherwise they will be unable to make a payment and then they will be disconnected. This is explained to customers in the information packs that are sent to them via email prior to switching (I have attached it here for your reference). With regards to the second part of the question, residents do not contract for electricity with TUMS — they contract with CoT. TUMS is the CoT’s service provider and the CoT has requested that TUMS continues to provide an uninterrupted operation until the matter is finalised.

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs of Smart meters when there are power issues after hours and the residents call CoT for Assistance? Who is responsible for the Smart meters, their maintenance and any breakages and replacements?

Customers should call the CoT contact centre or the prepaid smart meter contact centre (012 943 9950) if there is power issues associated with the smart meters and TUMS will respond. TUMS remains responsible for maintenance, faults and replacements until the matter is finalised (i.e. normal operation continues)

Can the Smart meters be replaced by other pre- paid meters by the residents? Can CoT replace the smart meters with a CoT pre-paid meter?

The answer to the first part of the question is no – and there is no benefit to the resident in doing this as the smart meters are provided free, other pre-paid meters will cost residents money to install.

Group Financial Services Department
Tel: 012 358 8110

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