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Solidarity Helpende Hand launched the #geeREG campaign on Monday morning that focused on the large amount of street beggars in the country and what happens to the money they receive.

Deputy chief executive at Helpende Hand Riaan du Plooy said they worked closely with Moeggesukkel to find out what beggars did with the money they received. They spoke to former drug addicts, and more than 90% said that the money they used to buy drugs came from begging on the street.

On Monday morning, Helpende Hand staff dressed in old clothes and walked around Centurion and Pretoria East with these cardboard placards:


“Yes, I ‘promise’ I will buy bread and milk!”

“My volgende dop is op jou”

“Thanks for my next drink and fix.”

“Too lazy to work, too scared to steal. Your problem.”

The cardboard signs were effective in carrying the message across, though some motorists were oblivious to the signs and still gave money to the activists holding them. The campaign was successful and managed to gain significant attention, as it quickly went viral on social media

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